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Loyalty and Membership

Loyalty & Membership

Whether developing a new program or integrating an existing one, rewarding your customers has never been easier with our flexible feature-rich loyalty and membership modules. Increase guest frequency and spend with a Loyalty Programme that’s tailor-made to work for your business, from the basic to the bespoke and everything in between.

  • Points, discounts, money-based offerings
  • Multi-tiered programs with flexible rewards
  • Integration with existing 3rd party systems
  • Customer account access to review membership status, points balances and promotions
  • Full transactional association over all channels
  • Digital and physical membership and loyalty cards
  • Membership and loyalty data synced to your marketing tool with our advanced API, allowing you to trigger campaigns based on realtime data
  • Close the loop with your customers with write back from marketing tools to POS, including transactions, points balances and marketing status
Gift Cards & Vouchers

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Selling gift cards and vouchers is a great way for your customers to invite friends and family to your cinema and for you to grow your revenues, customer base and to promote your brand.

  • Supports digital and physical vouchers and gift cards
  • Easy redemption for customers when booking through any sales channel
  • Customers can check their e-gift card balance easily online, from your website or from your app
  • Track all voucher and gift card sales through Head Office with full visibility and management of unredeemed and expired tokens
Promotions & Discounts

Promotions & Discounts

Our system allows you to easily apply and manage promos and discounts to drive additional bookings and upsells.

  • One time and Multi Offer codes
  • Offer discounts, free addons, or unlock special promotions with codes
  • Set location and expiry rules 
  • Set bespoke rules to trigger rewards to your customers, like on renewal anniversaries or birthdays
Marketing Integrations

Marketing Integrations

Our flexible API ensures you have the freedom to integrate with your CRM and digital marketing platform of choice, ensuring a seamless, closed loop experience for everyone. Alternatively, you can take full advantage of our deep integration with Engage from industry leaders Showtime Analytics, and activate your audience through behavioural data models driving personalised, automated and engaging experiences.

  • All individual customer behaviours, touch points and purchase activity integrated together to create a single customer view of your identifiable movie-goers
  • User-friendly customer segmentation tool enables you to identify groups of movie-goers who share common behaviours
  • Real-time end-to-end campaign reporting and uplift ROI
  • Segment based on: customer demographics, movies seen, concessions purchased, trailers seen, site visited, ticket types purchased and many more attributes to identify your perfect audience for a campaign
  • Campaign Creation Builder for simple, beautiful, personalised content design
  • Analysis of Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value of your customer base

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