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Stock Management

Stock Manager

Simplify your stock management and reduce handling costs with Admit One’s stock and deliveries solution.

  • Stock taking and grouping
  • Product instructions to enable extra choices on food/drink items
  • New product construction
  • Purchase Orders
  • Combo Products for upsells
  • Delivery tracking
Scheduling & Event Manager

Scheduling & Event Manager

Save time and make life easy by scheduling films for all circuits from your single centralised system. Easily set up recurring and individual events and performances while automating planning policies and behind the scenes rules.

  • General admission & Promo codes
  • Private event rental
  • Scheduling periods
  • Ticket and receipt designer
  • Ticket price cards
  • Seat Plans
Head Office Admin

Head Office Manager

Standardise operations and maintain consistency with easy configuration of sites using one centralised system, while maintaining the freedom and flexibility of specific localised settings.

Track all financial records, manage user accounts, control terminals remotely, and setup loyalty schemes, all from an easily controlled master hub.

  • Multi-location management
  • User specific roles
  • Cash management and transaction tracking
  • Invoices, payments and statements
  • Customer database and loyalty management
  • Default and customised reporting options
Operational Reports

Operational Reports

As an essential part of analysing your circuit or venue’s performance, our standard set of reports give you the precise information you need to understand all operational areas of your business, in an easy to access, easy to read format. We also offer bespoke reports to suit your individual requirements which our team would be happy to provide as an added package upon request. 

  • User Reports to track staffing metrics 
  • Stock Reports for efficient inventory management 
  • Cash Reports with full audit trail of transactions for secure sales reconciliation 
  • Site Reports for a holistic view of each of your locations 
  • Performance and attendance reports to help manage scheduling  


When your business needs more than just operational reporting our flexible API allows you to directly feed your data warehouse or existing BI tools. Alternatively you can take full advantage of our deep, integration with Insights from industry leaders Showtime Analytics, for realtime data driven decision making to optimise your business performance. 

  • Ticketing, Concessions, Occupancy, Staffing, Fraud, Screens 
  • Drill-down, Bookmark, Export, Compare, Trend 
  • Movie Title Auto Mapping to Comscore Global IDs 
  • Define your own Circuit Level Metrics & Stock Categorisation 

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