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Traditional Restaurant

Traditional Restaurant

Streamline every part of your restaurant ordering process with one integrated system, whether you’re a dedicated restaurant or a cinema or entertainment venue offering eat-in facilities.

  • Restaurant Table plans
  • Waiter screens so customers receive orders quickly and efficiently
  • Tabs and split bills
  • Table Service with QR codes allowing customers to order without waiting for staff 

Kitchen Manager

From basic ordering requirements, through to fully featured multi-screen-based scenarios, Admit One is customised to your workflows across food & drink preparation, distribution and service while offering complete control of your POS, Kiosk, Staff and Customer Information Display Screen configurations.

  • Seamless integration with all sales channels (POS, ATM, A1Shop and Web) to keep on top of your order fulfilment, and ability to integrate with 3rd party takeaway systems
  • Send orders directly to kitchen printers and/or dedicated restaurant screens
  • Preparation screens give your staff all the information they need to quickly fulfil orders.
  • Use ‘View Kitchen Orders’ function button on a POS to allow your POS to act as a dedicated preparation screen rather than only relying on printed order receipts
  • Integrate with pager systems when waiter service is utilised
  • Customer-facing order status screens keep the queues moving and your customers informed
Click and Collect

Click & Collect

Create a quick-and-easy experience for customers and staff with convenient and contactless F&B pre-ordering from anywhere, reducing wait times and freeing up staff.

  • Send orders directly to the line for prep from Web, App, A1 shop, Self-Service Kiosks or POS 
  • Supports both kitchen printers and screens
  • Increase upsells with add-on prompts as guests order
  • Collection points for order tracking with realtime information display to keep customers informed
In Seat Dining

In Seat Dining

Increase your sales channels without increasing your staffing levels and keep customers happy by not having to wait in visible queues.

  • Allow customers to order from their own device or take their orders where they sit
  • Choose which items to make available 
  • Food delivered to your seat 
  • Cut off times for orders per performance 
A1 Shop

Mobile Onsite Ordering

Ready for contactless, hassle-free ordering?

Put the power of choice into the hands of your customers and drive your F&B sales, with mobile on-site ordering. Bring customer satisfaction up while keeping staff levels down, and deliver a  cost-effective, feature-rich experience to your customers from purchase to delivery. 

  • Easy on-site access with flexible delivery & collection options
  • Fully customisable to your own brand logo and style
  • Web based app designed to work on all mobile devices – no hardware investment or app install required
  • Collection points for order tracking with realtime information display
  • Table Service with QR codes allowing customers to order without waiting for staff
  • In-Screen ordering and delivery driving additional concession sales without going back to queue

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