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Coming SoonThe Latest Innovation In Mobile Onsite F&B Ordering

We’ve been working with cinemas of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years, so we like to think we’ve learned a thing or two along the way about how to solve the technology problems commonly faced by our customers.

In this industry, striking the balance between driving attendance, increasing revenues, maintaining operational flow, and elevating the customer experience (all while trying to minimise cost) is a constant struggle for every cinema operator. While there is no one magic pill to solve all of the challenges faced, we do work to create products that help to bridge the gap through technological innovation and deliver solutions that give you more control over your business.

One area of opportunity within the industry with a relatively low barrier to entry by capitalising on existing assets and scope is the expansion of a circuit’s food and  beverage offering.

A1 Shop has now launched!

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The age of convenience

Every operator knows the importance of driving additional spend alongside standard admissions revenues, with concessions accounting for a large proportion of any circuit’s revenue. Whether it’s basic popcorn and beverage combos, fast food, snacks or onsite casual dining, every cinema in the world is trying to get the most out of their food and beverage offering while catering to the changing demands of their customers.

In an age where convenience reigns supreme, patrons have come to expect a fluid and seamless experience no matter where they choose to spend their hard earned money. Not only do cinemas have to fight for their share of wallet against other leisure and dining activities, they also have to compete in their own marketplace to convince customers to visit their site over a competitor’s, meaning they need to cater to the audience’s growing demand for both value for money and an elevated experience.

Giving your customers the power of choice

The surge in online booking numbers over the past few years is testament to our customers’ desire to be in control of their own journey, with the majority of cinema tickets sold today  in both the UK and the US being done so via digital channels. 

Frustrations can run high amongst customers whose pre-visit experience runs as they expect, only to arrive for their chosen showtime and find themselves having to wait in long lines in the foyer for their favourite snacks, often at times abandoning a purchase so as not to miss their movie.

With cinemas having to work so hard to get their customers to their venue in the first place, as well as the staff overheads required to deliver, losing out on this essential additional spend is a mistake they can’t afford to make.

Much like online booking, putting the power of choice in the hands of your customers when it comes to food and beverage is not just about offering them convenience, it’s a strategic move that shapes how your circuit will grow average transaction values, overall revenues, drive repeat business and elevate your brand. By making a few tweaks to how the food and beverage offering within your cinema is operated, you can easily ring customer satisfaction up while keeping staff levels down.

Ready for contactless, hassle-free ordering?

That’s why we’ve been working on launching the latest version of our mobile onsite ordering system, A1 Shop. Whether you want to introduce click and collect in your lobby, offer in-seat dining, or operate a table delivery service, our web based mobile ordering system will allow you to quickly and easily spin-up your product offering directly from your Admit One Back Office, making it simpler than ever before to set up your process flow and ensure a smooth journey for you and your customers.

With this new release, which is fully customisable to your own brand logo and style, you will have native integration with your existing web account functionality, meaning customers can order delivery to the seats they pre-booked, track previous orders in the account web page, and earn points on A1 Shop orders just like any other booking transaction. You can set up QR codes so customers can scan to order from their seat if different to where they originally booked, and even set up performance timers to manage your chosen cut-off point. 

QR codes can also be placed on cafe or restaurant tables for pre or post performance dining, so customers can place their own orders without the need for a staff member. Customisation options on the menu are all controlled in real time from the back office, meaning items can be marked as unavailable if stock runs out. 

We’ll be publishing a full Mobile Onsite Ordering product guide in the coming weeks with an overview of all the additional functionality within this release, but in the meantime if you want advance access and a sneak peak of what’s to come, just reach out to your Admit One Customer Engagement Manager or fill in your details below and we’ll be happy to get in touch. 

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